The Next Great Reality Show

As I watched the GOP debate last night I got to thinking about the ridiculous line up of candidates squawking at one another. They are all perfectly suited towards one section of the Republican party but none of them represent the party as a whole. The problem of how divided the party is has been, and continues to be, brought up on tv, print and in blogs. What if they are trying to unite the party by pretending to divide it first?

Think about the GOP presidential race through the lens of a reality tv show competition. There are a dozen or so contestants starting out. Each member of the audience identifies with one right off the bat and roots for them to win the whole thing. Slowly though, as each contestant gets eliminated, the viewers are forced to reluctantly  move their alliance over to a new contestant until they reach the end. Very few people stop watching a show if their preferred contestant gets booted off. Americans have been conditioned by so many reality shows that they won’t even realize why they are suddenly ok with a candidate they previously didn’t want to vote for when the time comes. By the time the GOP nomination is selected the entire party will fall in line even if it ends up being Donald Trump.

My other thought was that watching those GOP debates create an opportunity (besides raising your blood pressure) for a great drinking game. Every time a candidate skirts a question and instead plugs themselves you take a drink. Every time they blame Obama for something that is really their own (or Congress’) fault you take a drink. Every time they blatantly lie about a topic or event you take a drink. You’d be pretty drunk 10 minutes in.

No matter what your political views take a moment and really think about the state of the country. Do a little research and don’t take a single thing that comes out of any candidate/politician’s mouth at face value. Think about what your life was like 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago. Compare American society against other countries, compare America’s economy against other countries, get multiple sources, question everything. Look at the plans each candidate has created and really think about if they make any sense or not. Just because someone says they want to do something doesn’t mean they can actually make it happen. Together we stand and divided we fall. If you really want America to be a great country, a strong country and a country you can be proud to live in everyone needs to stop focusing on differences and start focusing on how we can work together to move forward into the next chapter of humanity.


9 thoughts on “The Next Great Reality Show

    • Ha, ha, ha, thanks, if only there was a way to get real Americans into the top echelon of government maybe then we could really shake things up. Every time I heard a candidate say “Obama doesn’t want to fix America he wants to change America” I found myself screaming at the television that you can’t fix something without making changes, if nothing changed things would stay broken. The changes that have taken place might not be the best but not making any changes would’ve been worse. More changes will have to happen in order to fix things, that’s an indisputable concept. Change is scary but also necessary because humans aren’t meant to be stagnant and neither is society.

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