Graphene For The Soul

If you aren’t familiar with graphene yet just know that it’s bonded carbon atoms and there have been some amazing scientific breakthroughs happening now that we’re aware of just how versatile it is and how conductive it is. Graphene batteries can accept as much charge as you can send them thus greatly reducing the amount of time needed to recharge a drained battery. A graphene battery could charge in a couple of minutes instead of hours and are far better for the environment to produce and dispose of. I could go on about how great graphene is but I just wanted to be able to use graphene batteries as a metaphor in this post and realized most people wouldn’t know what I was talking about.

When you’re a child (unless you’re sick) you have seemingly endless energy.  Your internal battery has a pretty long charge and those 20 min naps can recharge you and keep you going for the rest of the day. You can go and go and go like a person who had access to a wall charger at any time and didn’t need to worry about how much charge their device’s battery had.

However, much like with any battery, as you get older you notice your charge doesn’t last as long. You need more than a 20 min nap and if you let your battery get super low you find that its charge rate drops even slower until you’re tired all the time. There’s no wall charger readily available, you only get to plug in at night and hope your battery charges enough to get you through the next day.

Some days you may get a pretty good charge (maybe as much as 80%) and you get shit done. Those are the days the errands are run and laundry may get washed. You might even be able to socially interact. Other days you’re lucky if you have 30% to work with and you need to find yourself some power packs (caffeine or equivalent) just to get through the bare minimum requirements of the day.

If you run on a low battery too long it can get overwhelming. You burn through your reserves as well and suddenly you have to budget every action all the time because if you run out before you finish your work day or before you get home the consequences could be drastic. No one wants to fall asleep while they’re driving. Maybe you consume unhealthy amounts of caffeine or energy drinks (some turn to less legal means) and that’s a temporary solution that usually ends up doing more damage. You long for the days when you never had to think about how much charge you had left. You feel like you’re failing as your house gets dirtier and your chores stack up. It gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. People don’t understand why you don’t have the energy to even talk to them. Even if you take an entire weekend to sleep your battery just won’t hold its charge and no one can tell you how to fix it.

We’ve let society sell us shitty batteries while they bombard us with an endless stream of energy sucking “obligations” they tell us we can’t live happily without. We’re set up to fail and punished when we do. I don’t believe humans were meant to live like this.

If only there could be a graphene battery for our souls. A way to recharge in a couple minutes. A way to minimize the draining effects of constant stress and seemingly never-ending struggles. A new type of power pack that could replenish your reserves and get you functioning well again. I’d buy that.


10 thoughts on “Graphene For The Soul

    • I wish I could’ve written this when I first thought about it. My saved file in the ole memory banks had some blanks in the original thoughtline. Something about low batteries don’t allow you the energy to care about anything, you simply don’t have the resources to find purpose in things or to think anything is important enough to “waste” what little energy you have on it. It can really be debilitating not only physically but emotionally and socially and spiritually.

  1. Great analogy! I could do with a graphene battery too. I hope you feel better soon. I think that the physical, emotional, social and spiritual battering you have had in the past couple of years and especially in the last 6 months has caused you to have great difficulty in recharging your batteries. You are still suffering from the losses you have sustained and until you recover a little more from these you will continue to have low energy. You must try to care for yourself and not push yourself too much or too far. By care for yourself, I mean not just enough good food and sleep (though you probably find that you never have enough sleep) but also good music and good company with sympathetic friends. The company of your family and your cats will be good for you because they love and understand you. Find beautiful things to look at. You had great success with the plants in your yard last year. Sow some seeds indoors of the flowers and herbs you like best. These are just a few suggestions. Be patient with yourself. You are a kind, talented, intelligent, loving woman who has had a really awful time.

  2. Great metaphor, DBA. I’d like one of those graphene batteries, too. I think you’re right about the shitty batteries we’ve been sold and how we’re not meant to live this way. It all catches up with us eventually.

  3. This is how I’ve been feeling….running on about 20% battery life. I’ve had to step back and listen, and not participate. Music has helped me center myself but I’m still running on low energy. Great read!

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