What Do You Love Today?

My new team, chocolate chai brownies, the smell of lilies and bonus money.

What do YOU love today?


4 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. I just slept 5 straight hours – midnight to 5 am – more than anytime in the last 10 years. Not sure why but it sure feels amazing. And I am drinking my first cup of coffee with my first cigarette of the day – the very best one. There is an ice/snow storm warning issued for today and when I stuck my head out the door to check, there is that eerie dead silence with a heavy pregnant feel to the air that always precedes a hum-dinger. I love that feeling of anticipation. Dialysis went well last night and when I got home my monthly disability check had arrived. A good friend went out and cashed it and picked me up some groceries , so I have food I like in the fridge (old cheddar, sliced ham, sliced roast beef, butter (it was on special), fresh bread). Discussed the upcoming move to Vancouver with my friend and he had heard from the house owner and all is on schedule. We have a meeting with the lawyer to sign residency contracts (required in BC) next week. I don’t want to say too much for fear of tempting fate, but this move is something I never thought I would ever have a chance or the means to do and I am starting to get excited. That’s about all for today.

    You didn’t tell us what you love today DBA. 🙂

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