What Do You Love Today?

Butter beer and wookie cookies at work, long walks in the woods, laughing at xkcd comics, singing along to Neil Diamond and the sight of buds forming on the trees.

What do YOU love today?

7 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. Mmmm, too early to tell yet (4 am here) but it’s shaping up well. It is snowing hard and we have about 6 inches down and another 6 inches on the way – which in a selfish way is good because I am set for the day and don’t have to go out in it. plus I love watching storms through the window while having hot coffee. Dialysis went well last night – extremely well. I walked in, my position was ready, I laid down, my nurse appeared, the machine was done testing, she needled me while we chatted, I went to sleep and the nurse woke me up when dialysis was done 4 1/2 hours later.I got disconnected, left the unit and found my ride home waiting for me. I went to bed shortly after coming home and slept until now. I woke up a bit peckish and found some chicken, cheddar and ham in the fridge so I made a salad – with French Dressing, very tasty.

    So, it’s now 4:19 am and the day is off to a great start. 😀


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