Ever heard of pheromones? Well they should not be dismissed lightly.

When you are exposed to the right ones they will absolutely impact your mood, thoughts and actions. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate your true feelings from a reaction to other people’s chemical offerings. One thing people shouldn’t do is try to use synthetic ones to manipulate other people.

I found out my ex has been using synthetic pheromones on me all last week trying to entice me back to him. He thought it was working (it wasn’t) and in the process I think he affected his own thoughts way more than mine.

By the end of this rather messy weekend I was downright uneasy being around him. He meanwhile has become even more convinced I am the love of his life. The more I pull away the tighter he clings. The tighter he clings the more I want to get away. He doesn’t see the error of his strategy. I just want to wash my hands of all of this and start over. No amount of pheromones will ever make me love him and that he’d try that on me just made me not want to even be friends with him. Why does everything have to be so damn complicated all the time!?

7 thoughts on “Offputting

  1. This is an awful strategy! And I don’t know why things are so hard and complicated, but usually it gets bad before it gets better – so things should start to look up for you soon!

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