Promises, Promises

Ever hear all the things you wanted someone to say but said too late?

When I wanted and needed to hear that I mattered all I got was condescension. When I begged for help and support I was given excuses and left to struggle alone. When I was craving adventures and new experiences I got lethargy and demotivational arguments. When I needed to have intellectual conversations I got insecure rants.

Now I’m being promised the world. Except, it’s by the wrong person.

I’ll take care of you, we’ll go on adventures, I’ll join you in your hobbies, you’ll feel loved and appreciated every day…promises, promises.

I can’t even say, “if only I believed him” because at this point all the honeyed words fall on deaf ears and a closed heart. I never thought I could look at someone and feel so detached as they cried out their pain in front of me. I didn’t realize just how badly he’d damaged me until he promised me everything I ever wanted and it didn’t even spark a second of consideration.



7 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. There is a blog I follow – Must Be This Tall To Ride – it’s about a man who is taking responsibility for being a sucky husband and is working through why he was. I’ve not only learned what it’s like from a man’s point of view but it’s also pointed me in the direction to pay attention to how I am. Am I a doormat? Do I expect my husband to read my mind? Do I voice my needs in a way he can understand? I also know that after being felt emotionally left behind, it’s hard to feel anything but detached from someone. It’s also hard to turn your back on someone you should love unconditionally.

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