What’s Right With You Today?

Got to hear the very first song I ever heard from Motion City Soundtrack played live at the first of the three shows on their farewell tour that I’m going to over the next couple of days…brought a tear to my eye to hear that again.

What’s right with YOU today?

Throwback Thursday (“To Do” List*)

1. Go on a search for as many statues as possible, pose next to them like they were a real person and take a photo, compile collection.

2. Go to obscure (mom&pop) bookstores or Goodwill and leave equal parts ominous and positive notes in random books.

3. Rent rival costumes and then go out in public and when people stare at you, scream “our forbidden love can no longer be kept secret!” and then start making out. Also, if one of you chooses to dress like a superhero feel free to play vigilante and stop some sort of petty crime.

4. Buy numerous tropical plants and create a jungle in your living room, invite people over for a dinner party then have them enact a dramatic island scene if they want to be fed. Have them take the plants home with them as a souvenir, or return them to the store saying you bought the wrong ones if you don’t have the extra cash.

5. Use strategic camera angles to create fictitious adventures you never had.

6. Visit multiple friends and family members and move one of their knick knacks to a different location…take a photo before you move it and send to them challenging them to figure out where you put it. See who can find theirs the fastest. Post scores online.

7. Go to the airport and take the soonest departing cheapest flight to wherever and spend the weekend having a random adventure in a different city.

8. Partner up with someone in a public place and brainstorm new television pitches, ask people passing by to help you come up with ideas and survey their interest in your stories.

9. Weather permitting, walk around your city from dusk till dawn then stop at the next open restaurant for breakfast.

10. Using fake names, meet up with your partner and have dinner/drinks pretending you are strangers meeting for the first time.

11. Using props, create a photo journal of a person that doesn’t exist.

12. Figure out the lamest free touristy thing to do in your city, go and actually secretly enjoy every second of it.

13. Rent a movie no one has seen and turn the sound off, then make up your own story line and dialogue.

14. Dress like you’re rich, test drive fancy cars and park in front of a mansion to take photos like you’re doing a high-end magazine shoot, post online and pretend you just won some money and see how many people try to hit you up for cash.

15. See just how long you can go without getting out of bed, make a tent out of the blankets and pretend the floor is lava, say the dirtiest things you can think of to your partner to see who blushes first.

*Not all of these ideas were solely mine, this is partly adapted to a list I found somewhere but with alterations.