Silent Sunday


5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I thought he was real till I saw the larger photo here. 🙂 What’s with the little horse on his head?
    I used to see horses with blinkers, on as a kid in UK. There were massive shires pulling wagons around, with coal etc I’d always go out and stroke the horse while the coal men carried large sacks of coal into our coal shed. I was sorry when these magnificent horses were replaced by trucks.

    • The little horse is a bronze horse I found in a little shop in old town Philly and for no explainable reason felt compelled to bring home with me. I made it my mission that weekend to take pictures of this little horse (I named him Kismet) in all the places I visited. One of the places I went to was “Amish Country” and there was a statue of a horse and buggy outside a gas station and so naturally I took a picture of Kismet standing on top of the other horse statue. It became a bit of a theme of the weekend as you will see in future posts. It was fun to see all the real horses pulling buggies of Amish on the roads and there were some very magnificent looking horses lounging in the fields. I used to go horseback riding and I miss it. Horses are wonderful.

      • Aw I love this! I look forward to seeing Kismet pop up in future photos. 🙂 And I’m so glad you put him on the statue horse’s head – it is exactly the sort of thing I would do! 🙂
        Maybe you can find a stables that does fun outrides and just go on a ride one day. I took my girls on one here through the vineyards. 🙂 I agree, horses are marvellous ; these were rescued horses! 🙂

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