To Speak or Not to Speak…

Since it’s common knowledge that everyone has a different view on life based upon their unique experiences you’d think we’d have learned to less critical of others. Unfortunately this has not been the case throughout our history. The more diversity that exists the more you see a push back against it. Thus one must carefully consider what topics are acceptable to talk about when one engages in social activities.

If you’re an open-minded person who doesn’t spend a lot of time judging others and you’re also a person who’s been desensitized to most things that would shock a more sheltered individual you might find yourself openly discussing topics that you think are no big deal but the other party is standing there wondering “why the fuck is this person telling me this?” and planning their escape as quickly as possible. Of course even if you stick to neutral topics what are you supposed to do if someone point blank asks you a personal question? On one hand, no one likes a drama dumper, but if you have legitimately lived a life where lots of crazy shit has happened how do you respond without either lying or coming off as a hot mess to be avoided?

Once you are alone again you are left to ponder the situation and wonder if you should let the opinions of others influence the way you interact and take steps to edit your responses, or if you should give zero fucks and continue to be open about the life you’ve lived and decide that if they don’t like that they probably aren’t worth knowing. Maybe it’s a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. I’m not sure there is a set standard for what is and isn’t acceptable regarding amount of and content that you should share. I would love to see a discussion about that actually. Make some charts and graphs that outline the point at which a topic is no longer socially tolerated.

What do you think? What topics are off limits? What dramatic life events should people keep their mouths shut about? Does it say more about the person sharing or the person who’s uncomfortable being the auditory recipient of the life story of someone who didn’t have the fairy tale upbringing? Is there no right/wrong answer to this and we should just admit this a tricky grey area that will forever cause problems for people?


4 thoughts on “To Speak or Not to Speak…

  1. I like to be myself and not edit everything I say before I say it. If you don’t like what I say, or simply disagree, then speak up and we can discuss it like adults. Otherwise, I am not interested in your company.

  2. It often depends on the characters of the people with whom we are discussing things and *how* the topics are discussed. There are some people I can’t discuss certain topics with without feeling really uncomfortable!

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