One More Time For the Cheap Seats in the Back

Remember when I talked about another hashtag…well we can add several more to the mix after the most recent display by America that nothing has changed.

One of these incidents happened only a couple of miles away from me. I was not at all surprised when I heard and that should be a bad thing. I shouldn’t be so desensitized to innocent people being shot and killed, in front of their family, for no valid reason. Except I am. I don’t think I am alone in that either. The sad truth of the matter is that far too many people have decided that nothing they do makes a bit of difference and that dangerous notion has had a rippling affect on the rest of us. Why care?

What is it going to take to get people to wake up? How far do we need to slide before we realize we don’t have to live like this? We can do better, we can be better, but it takes all of us. Every single person caring enough to love themselves so they can refuse to give into fear and hate and insecurity. We’re all in this together, we’ll never get out of this alive. We don’t need to waste our time butchering one another and tearing people down because that will never build up anything of worth.

Humanity is capable of so much good, so much potential for greatness and yet we hold ourselves back from it and allow the least of us to steer the course we take. We hide behind flimsy justifications and take comfort in apathy. We “like” a post or re-tweet a bold statement about change and feel like we’ve done our part. Yet we make no change to the day to day life we live and that is where the change needs to start. Change always starts out slow and builds. One person deciding they are going to be decent and then another person and another until being decent to other people becomes the normal way to interact with friends and strangers alike.

Don’t wait for another hashtag, don’t wait for your neighbors, friends and family to put in the effort before you do. Make the choice that you’re going to be the example and start living the changes you want to see in the world. No one is going to come fix this. We have to do it ourselves.




5 thoughts on “One More Time For the Cheap Seats in the Back

  1. Agreed. This week has been particularly disheartening. I finally joined the NAACP yesterday in an effort to do more than the usual armchair activism (like, share, retweet, etc.)

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