What’s Right With You Today?

Slept in, felt better,  got chores done,  relaxed and made a really tasty jalapeño mac n cheese for dinner.

What’s right with YOU today? 

8 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Some big things are rumbling together – stuff that is hard to influence or is not influence-able – and it is all headed positive (right now anyway) The construction in Vancouver is coming to a close. The owner still calls every night to make sure we are still going as soon as it is ready. The Canadian gov’t is having a monstrous problem with paychecks and payables – in arrears about 3 months because of a computer failure – they are distributing an advance next week .This will be sufficient to get us to Vancouver. I have a day surgery scheduled for next Thursday for a problem with my fistula that has been getting worse for years. They say I will be able to leave town within a week or two after the surgery. The owner of the Vancouver property was having some medical issues that I was afraid would torpedo our moving – but all will be OK and he will be out of hospital oin a day or two,all fixed up. I’m glad he is feeling better at least for his sake.

    I have a guest post over at Mark’s this morning (in a few minutes actually – I’ll wait and give you the address). Dialysis is going well. I settled the last of the problems caused by the Amazon idiots.

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