What Do You Love Today?

Hope…hope and determination.

What do YOU love today? 


13 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. Got a new bed yesterday and it helped my sleeping a lot. Dialysis went well tonight and i got the last remaining stitches and staples removed from little brush with death. Even though I ate three sandwiches while on dialysis, I still came off 1 kilo below what we were aiming for tonight (3.5 kg vs 2.5 kg). This is good because a) i’m gaining less than 2.5 kg between treatments when it was 4.5 a few weeks ago) and b)I knew there was too much fluid aboard and could not get it off – this time we got 1 kilo towards my best weight with no cramps, etc. if this continues I should be able to get 10 kilos off in a few weeks (I only need to lose 5 more kilos to satisfy the nurses)

    • Awww, that was sweet of them to send flowers. I never cease to appreciate how amazing flowers are. Their beauty can make you smile, their scent can calm you down and trigger nostalgic memories and they play an integral role in the lives of so many insects and ultimately people. Such simple little plants, yet they give in so many ways and their variations are so vast it astounds.

  2. That I have another day to be sober, love my family, write, play music, praise God, paint a picture, be with friends, that I have good friends that I love and trust, health, grandchildren and awesome children and a husband I love more every day! Thank you for this post!!!!

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