What’s Right With YOU today?

Woke up my favorite way,  got to make the staple Saturday morning breakfast,  worked collaboratively to get quite a bit of trim installed upstairs and there’s some tasty frosting just waiting for me to eat it when I get done vacuuming.

What’s right with YOU today?


11 thoughts on “What’s Right With YOU today?

  1. Excellent to be productive and also get a Sunday break. 🙂 Mmmmm Frosting! 🙂
    I’ve done my weeding for the day and am having a cuppa while catching up here on WP. 🙂 Sun’s shining after lovely rain yesterday.

  2. The move to Vancouver is actually getting closer – As early as Oct 1 – 12 days.I’m getting ready by stocking up on medical supplies to give me enough to get settled and find the services I need, My weight and fluid levels are down where they were before the operation – where they should be. This will give me a buffer for driving across the continent. I’ve made arrangements to get $500 USD pocket cash to take with me , along with a credit card for fuel and overnights and food. The wounds from the operation are all healing nicely with the staples and stitches all out – no redness,no swelling – just new pink skin. It is important to me to be bandage free when crossing customs – the last thing I need is a discussion about my health needs – Ha! My friend does have considerable wealth and it is his car so he is available to buffer any medical costs which are reimbursable once I’m back in Canada. I will have to pay cash for the one dialysis treatment in transit but that is fine – usually about $400.

    I’m sleeping much better on my new bed – definitely makes a big energy difference in the day. I did have to go into the hospital a few times this week for small issues – no problem and all fixed – but as a result I was not able to do the post for Mark this week – back next week. Not sure if I’ll post as I travel yet – maybe but definitely as soon as I am settled. .

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