Wordless Wednesday


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ha. Funny oke. Farmer tells his visiting friend that if he is going to drive locally, he needs to know a few things. Lacking road signs on he rural dirt roads,the locals have a marking system for holes some of which were very bad. the rule was that a cow in he road marked a big pothole, a pig marked a slightly less sized pothole and a duck marked a small pothole. One day the visitor was driving along and saw a duck in the road and assumed it was a small pothole and didn’t slow down. the car went into the hole and it was so deep that it broke he car in two and bounced off the road and over a cliff. the visitor was shaken but unharmed and used his cell to call his friend for help. the friend showed up with a wrecker and asked what had happened and the visitor told him. the visitor was upset and said when he saw the duck he assumed the hole was small. the farmer walked over to the hole and looked down. “there’s your problem” he said, “that was a duck standing on a pig standing on a cow and the pig and cow are both below the surface in the hole.

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