What The Actual Fuck America…

Every time I see someone I love and/or respect “like” something that supports Trump it literally hurts my heart.  To know they are ok with a verified pathological liar that displays racist, misogynistic, and sociopathic traits on a consistent basis baffles me to no end.  He’s a shitty businessman and a shitty human.  His creepy pacing in the last debate was a classic predatory move. Maybe I’ve spent too much time studying people,  maybe living with a pathological liar with dissociative disorder where one personality was predatory/misogynistic has given me the insight to recognize a dangerous man when I see one, or maybe I’m just failing to recognize that I am friends with/related to people who are perfectly ok with racist misogynistic liars.

What’s confusing to me is that those same (to a lesser degree and minus the racism)  traits in my ex husband were not accepted by these same people but they think it’s fine for Trump to display them. I guess he told the truth at least once when he told bush that celebrities can get away with anything.

Seriously America,  what the fuck is wrong with you?  We’ve been over this before…you have more than 2 choices for president.  You really aren’t limited to Trump or Clinton.  There are third party options,  you can write in anyone you want…if you support Trump you are absolutely supporting racism,  sexism,  hate, and division.


12 thoughts on “What The Actual Fuck America…

  1. “We’ve been over this before…you have more than 2 choices for president. You really aren’t limited to Trump or Clinton. There are third party options, you can write in anyone you want…”

    No. No, there aren’t.

    One of those two people are going to be president. Period.

    Sure, you can choose to vote for someone else or stay home or do whatever you want, but the quoted statement ignores reality.

    • That’s the problem…we get the kind of political leadership that we demand and deserve. If we’re not willing to band together and say we don’t accept this shitshow then yes we are left with 2 choices.

    • This election is different than any others I have lived through. I have never let political leanings influence my friendships or opinions of others in the past because I understand that diverse opinions help stimulate open-minded thinking, growth and change. I’ve always been willing to listen to the reasons why someone else has a different view than I do and to take their reasoning into consideration. This time around though all I see are blatant insecurities fueling a growing division and I simply can’t stand silently by and condone it. This time around anyone supporting Trump might as well be saying to me that they would support Hitler and I can’t help but lose respect for them, much as I don’t want to. It sucks.

  2. I’m really scared for you guys. We had a prime minister who was a total dick, awhile back and I remember have the same feelings toward friends and family. Uck.

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