Throwback Thursday (Not a Post For The Bleeding Hearts)

Base needs, primal fears and the society we have created that caters to one and denies the other. That is the topic of thought that has been swirling around in my head for the past couple of days. I have been pondering about the correlation between the way we live our modern lives and the increase in mental/emotional issues/drug addictions as it relates to the laws of nature. We often use the phrases “survival of the fittest” and “the will to live” when we discuss the tenacity of humans against adversities. If we are bound by a will to live yet also bound by the premise that only the strongest will survive than what happens if a species takes away the constant threat of disease and famine, reduces the threat of war and increases the average lifespan by more than double? There must be a balance and currently we have tipped the scales with overpopulation which has allowed an accelerated destruction of multiple other species and the very environments we actually depend on for life. At a certain point disease, famine & war will once again knock the quantity of man back down to a more manageable level but in the meantime I think nature has devised some new standards on which to judge our ability to survive this new world we have created. I hypothesize that thanks to a combination of lowered social expectations and an increase in technology nature has found a way to correct for our new inclinations to breed genetic weakness into our population. Where once you literally had to be strong to survive in a world full of disease, hard labor and little resources to go around we now have to be mentally strong to survive in a world full of temptation, lies and constant tests of character. If you manage to be born into a family that actually has the financial resources to provide you with clothing, food and shelter are you lucky enough to also be provided love, support and encouragement? Are you taught right from wrong as defined by the general public and not by your specific neighborhood or gang, or are you left to fend for yourself in a dysfunctional environment? Was your educational development nurtured and were you given the attention needed to fully utilize your own natural skills? Did anyone bother to say no to you so you would learn that you can’t always get what you want? Was any emphasis placed on making healthy choices for your body? Were you taught social skills so that you could make friends? Was the concept of balance reiterated over and over again until you understood that nothing is permanent and it can’t rain all the time? In these nice ideal circumstances you would probably have the strength to easily shrug off petty insults by others who were obviously insecure, to say no when weaker friends offered you life-destroying drugs and to stand firm against others who would try to manipulate and connive against you. However, if you were denied love as a child, abused, ignored and/or raised to be guarded and selfish than it would take much more strength to rise above the new trials that life throws at us. More so now than ever before we have people addicted to drugs/alcohol, taking prescription drugs, stuffing their bodies with unhealthy processed crap, squandering their talent while they suffer in silence, continuing the cycle of selfishness/violence/abuse they were born into, taking their own life or taking their rage out on innocent people in horrific killing sprees. I feel that the proclivity towards succumbing to the new pressures of life is just an indication that the will to live isn’t strong enough in some people to ensure their survival. I can’t count how many times a little voice in my head has said that this is all so hard and what is the point of going on…that this world isn’t worth living in and nothing will ever change. I can’t count how many times I have been overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness, with pain and loss and violent frustration. The thing is though, even in my darkest moments, I have never even come close to giving in. No matter how loud that negative voice has been, my will to survive has been louder. I questioned before if the new way to survive this world was to give in to the current philosophy that standards aren’t important and hard work is to be punished, but now I think that perhaps that line of thinking is just an indicator of the weak. Our world is the one we have made it. By changing the standards by which nature grants us survival we have created a world of weak people trying desperately to find a way to drown out the will to live. If we want to change the world we need to start by fostering mental strength into the next generation. If their base needs are met they won’t be tempted by drugs, won’t suffer depression/anxiety and won’t want to lash out at others. They will have the will to live which includes the motivation to lead healthy lives and create positive innovations that benefit society instead of being slaves to fear and greed. It can be done, but are there enough strong people left to make it happen? What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (Not a Post For The Bleeding Hearts)

  1. I think the high goals to keep up with peers, have an iphone, Ipad and all of that stuff in a world where the economy can not longer support all of the wants and desires. The haves rule the world and the have nots fall out of the world through pressure.
    I agree with what you wrote and find the truth of mental illness and drug addiction through self medication so very sad.

    • If we can understand the “why” of an issue we can figure out a solution. We just need to get more people asking why things are happening the way they are or we will never be able to change things.

  2. Very strong post. I’m guessing you and I would usually be on opposite sides of the political aisle, but with this post we have common ground. Yes, we need to civilize our children, we need to provide them with an understanding of nature so they can learn how the universe works – because the universal laws still govern mankind whether we think so or not. It seems that ignorance is growing and the flickering flame of civilization is getting dimmer. Let’s start a movement to teach parenting and nature and common sense and how to think for yourself!

    • I am all for that! I am starting to think that my urge to have a kid isn’t so much my biological clock finally starting up but my overwhelming desire to spawn a new generation that knows of life outside of the internet/Ipad.

    • Thank you, the theme of some of your recent posts had gotten me thinking again on this topic. We need new philosophers for the current age to help settle the debates of our growing malaise.

  3. This is a powerful piece indeed and I share many of your concerns for the future. For a long time I was even concerned about the problem of overpopulation but I now see it as a distraction; as a scapegoat. As it turns out this planet has the resources to support many more people; perhaps several billion more people. Furthermore, population increase rates in most of the world are on the decline. The places with the highest rates of population increase are also the places using the fewest resources. The problem is that resources are not equitably utilized. Is this because some people are weak and that is why they don’t have access to resources and therefore should die OR is it because some have taken more than they need and rather than calling them greedy, we call them strong? Perhaps it is some of both. In any case, we are all here, we are all in this together and shits gotta change!

  4. I was blessed to have that upbringing you describe, which helps you learn how to deal with life. Today’s kids are all about instant gratification and they never learn self-control as they are never thwarted. I agree that children need to be treated properly so they can be mentally strong, but the parents have to put in the work, and I just don’t see that very often today.

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