Wordfilled Wednesday

I feel like this American election could be paralleled to the Harry Potter series. Except this time there was no Dumbledore (they wouldn’t let him run) to keep Voldemort in check.  Voldemort won because fear won.  Voldemort won because too many people were scared to have mudbloods being treated as equals and thought the ministry was trying to take their wands away. Divided we fall…every time. Did we learn nothing from this story?


6 thoughts on “Wordfilled Wednesday

    • We get the leadership we demand and deserve. The people have been saying for a long time government got too big and too corrupt. Government didn’t listen. The people showed that they didn’t want a typical politician this time around, but when there was an opportunity to have a non-typical politician run on a platform of reform (without the hateful diatribe) his own party worked against him to nominate someone established. Government backed hate and now we all suffer.

  1. One of my friends used the same metaphor to explain the election to her 8 year old, which quickly became unfortunate when the results came in. It is a very apt metaphor, though. I feel somewhat responsible for the results; I, like many others, was complacent. I was smug. I’m pretty sure I was condescending, too. I’ve chosen to get involved with as much as I can; marching on Washington 1/21, signing petitions, donating $ to the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, getting to know my local Democratic party so I can help with mid-term elections, and more. I will do everything I can to fight, and everything I can to get through to the Trump supporters who see nothing wrong with what’s already happening.

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