I’m Not Going Quietly On This One

I have had several conversations with friends/family about this and no matter what analogy I try to come up with to explain why this election upset me so much when no other one did I seem to continue to fail in my ability to communicate what my actual issue is to them.  Either that or there just won’t be a way for the different sides to understand each other.  I suppose they’ve completely failed to communicate to me why they would support him.  Just keep saying they agree with what he says and when I ask for clarification (you agree with the things stated above?) they get mad and claim he didn’t mean any of that and it’s all the media twisting things.  Except he did say all those things. They can’t tell me what he said that they do agree with and I don’t know if it’s because they aren’t able to admit to me where they actually stand on these things or maybe they aren’t able to admit to themselves.  I’m done not taking a side though.  I’m not looking the other way and hoping for the best.  I’m not forgetting. Not this time.


10 thoughts on “I’m Not Going Quietly On This One

  1. I’m with you on this one. I am the mother of a barely under 30-year old daughter who has reacted to our fellow voters’ choice of that hating embarrassment by getting herself fitted with woman-supporting birth control and by volunteering for programs that promote literacy among homeless youths and tech career education for girls. I.offer her response to you because she is a rare source of hope for me. I also hate leaving this kind of political situation for her. I’ve voted ever since I was 18(it was legal then) but there are fools a’ coming now anyway.

    • That is awesome to hear! I’ve put in an IUD and I’m working on getting my permit to carry. I’m trying to negotiate for a position where I’ll have sway to encourage hiring women in a tech field. I just don’t want to let myself get complacent about this and I hope others don’t either.

  2. I have kept pretty silent about the current election season. My Trump supporter friends turned u g l y. They remain ugly to me now that they are silent. The only answer I’m getting is that they like how he says things “off the cuff”. I like straight talk, but the straight talk of an adult, not a pathological liar. I hope the answer comes to me about what more I can do. My representatives ignore my letters….well, they never acknowledge them. I will keep pushing though. My hope is that positive actions will overcome my negative thoughts. All my arguments that one person can’t make all the decisions for our country, congress has to back them up…..but look at congress and the new cabinet appointees. This isn’t a Democratic/Republican issue, it’s an issue of humanity.

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