Lies Are Easy, Truth Is Hard

As I drove home listening to the news I heard about snapchat being valued at 25 billion. Why, I wondered, would it be worth that much? Granted I haven’t used it in years but a friend told me about the new features and how people liked to subscribe to celebrities because presumably they can feel like they know famous people better. It got me thinking again.

Why do many people spend more time cultivating relationships with people over social media or the Internet and less time investing in real life interactions and relationships? Why limit yourself to acquaintance networks that never really scratch the surface of the people in them? Sure social media and acquaintance networks are easy because they require minimal effort to establish and maintain,  but they also offer little back in return and are the equivalent of fast food friendships. Where’s the substance? They aren’t built on a strong foundation and can fall apart much easier because there is such a paltry investment required of them. In relation to the people who follow or subscribe to celebrities,  the entire concept that you have any connection with them at all is basically an illusion. Of course fiction is much easier to create and maintain than real life.

I wonder if it’s this very proclivity towards illusionary,  low-effort relationships that contributed to an environment where someone like Donald Trump could become president. Sometimes I feel like we live in a world where it’s easier to believe the lies than it is to believe the truth. I’m not ok with that. I must belong to that camp of people that value quality over quantity. I value truth over lies even if the truth hurts. I want genuine relationships with the people in my life, I want to experience events for myself and make memories that mean something to me.

How did humanity get to this point? Alternative facts shouldn’t be a thing. Having to be highly skeptical of every single accusation that comes along because there were people willing to lie about events just to create more chaos in the world makes me want to cry and rage, which might have been the point. What message are we sending to the world,  to younger generations? Some things need to matter and effort must be exerted. Yes lies are easy and truth is hard but a world without substance isn’t sustainable.



4 thoughts on “Lies Are Easy, Truth Is Hard

  1. Yes, I feel the same way. People who rely on social media for their relationships get used to being ‘surrounded’ by people who agree with them most of the time; anyone who doesn’t can be blocked or abused with no come-back. In real life, we have to get on as best we can with all sorts of people and we learn quite quickly that we have to be tolerant and polite a lot of the time. We cannot expect everyone we work with to have the same politics as us, for example. By listening to others and giving them a fair hearing we learn such a lot and we grow as human beings. We also learn a lot about truth and lies by being with others, by talking to people face to face. So many of us have lost these skills because we spend so much time interacting with machines. We have become so gullible we believe anything we are told and then we are prey to people who use this weakness for their own advantage. And this makes the rest of us sceptical, believing nothing we are told!

  2. The obsession with technical communication baffles me too. One is afforded the illusion of many “friends” while sitting in front of a screen alone in a room. What did people think about before they were so concerned about being “connected” 24 hours a day? Yep, the in-person relationships are the best and most true.

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