Throwback Thursday (The New “Middle Class”)

I questioned who was benefiting from this shallow society we now live in. Pondered what the cushion between the haves and have-nots was, now that the middle class has all but disappeared. As I was debating this topic with another person the answer suddenly presented itself.

The new cushion between the rich and rest of us is the entourage and handlers who make their living suckling at the teat of wealthy individuals. Take for example one of the major players, Jonathan, of Village Green Properties. He is a millionaire (he has an F150 Ferrari hanging from his ceiling…just because) who continually makes poor design decisions and wastes money on ill-advised projects. He has an entire executive staff who will stomp down upon one another to get in his favor or impress him so they can climb ever closer to him on his corporate ladder. They refuse to say no to him out of fear he will cast them aside. They do not share the valid concerns of lower employees about issues that arise at his properties. They will ignore cost-effective/ethical solutions brought to their attention by anyone lower on the totem pole than they are. They would rather chew people up and spit them out in a pattern of failure than address the idea that the process Jonathan has put in place, or their own terrible ideas aren’t successful. Anyone who appears to be willing to offer Jonathan a different opinion/option is seen as a threat and kept at bay or let go. The hard workers who would ensure continued revenue at rental properties are continually sacrificed to balance mismanaged budgets and take the fall for mistakes of the entourage.  I have seen it happen at several companies I work for as well.

This isn’t only applicable in the business world. Society in general treats wealthy people as if they deserve more respect and less accountability than non-wealthy people. It usually has nothing to do with a winning personality either. It is the hope that by being nice to, and doing favors for, rich people, they will bestow some of their wealth and protection to the people surrounding them. It is the collection of people hoping to get close enough to the money tree to break themselves off a branch or two that form a protective bubble of delusion around those rooted in prosperity. They are the ones who keep the rich safe from the outrage of the poor.

As the pool of super wealthy consolidates to a smaller and smaller number, will the entourages of each rich person left also dwindle? At what point will people stop chasing the almighty dollar and open their eyes to the dysfunction of planetary management. Money has an arbitrary value which means we ultimately control what it is worth. The fact that so many people sacrifice ethics, integrity, time and even lives for a made-up commodity is pretty ridiculous if you stop and think about it. Greed has already been the downfall of many people and civilizations, yet it appears that too many people have not learned the lessons of our past. If we don’t stand up to greed and put an end to its reign it will also be the downfall of our entire population.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (The New “Middle Class”)

  1. Greed leads to pride, which leads to power, which leads to war. Greed is an ugly trait. The rich should be treated no different than everyone else. Additionally, most people wouldn’t know how to treat that money if they were able to get a hold of some of it. The majority would waste it within months, only to find themselves on the poor end again. The wealthy, if not used for or gain by greed, are a great benefit to the rest of us. They keep the economy going. Without them, we would really be in a bad place.

  2. Village Green is EVERYWHERE!!! So I thought about this some more and I guess I feel that its a tough issue altogether; I don’t ‘blame’ the rich, nor do I hold it against them that they are rich…… what bothers me is that too many local governments run by average citizens (city councils, mayors, city commissioners, etc) refuse to stand up against the rich;

    For instance; any local government can create rent control laws that prevent wealthy landlords from charging astronomical rent fees in downtown’s; one of the problems in most small towns and large downtowns is that middle class and lower income people can’t afford to pay the rent on storefronts in high traffic areas; the only ones that can afford the rent and leases are huge corporations;

    BUT any local city government can say to corporations and chains; you’re not welcome in our town….. yet they don’t; instead they let the corporations come in and take over….

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel as though its the local governments that have handed the united states to corporations on a silver platter. The mayor of any city can say to Walmart; thanks but no thanks and kick them out…… but none of these mayors seem to have any guts to do it……

    • That’s what I’m talking about, it’s those people that are creating the buffer. They think they will benefit from the rich/corporations so they don’t care if it has a negative impact on the rest of the people. They’ll placate the concerns of the average person so they can collect the kick backs. Media, lawyers, politicians, bankers…they’re the entourage and handlers of the wealthy.

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