What’s Right With You Today?

Slept in, made a spectacular cup of coffee, problem solved till I was successful, enjoyed open windows, and made my own laundry detergent.

What’s right with YOU today?


8 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Sounds ideal. I love that you made your own laundry detergent. Would love to know how it goes and if there is a recipe to share. I am just reveling (pathetic I know) in the fact that it is the first fine day in 10 days here so I can finally do the huge backlog of washing! Yay

    • bar of grated bar soap (homemade or natural store bought)
      1 box of washing soda
      1 box of borax (or additional washing soda)
      20 drops of your preferred scent of essential oils
      optional: 1 cup of oxygen booster or baking soda
      Grate the soap using a hand grater or food processor. Grate into fine particles so it dissolves easily.
      Carefully mix with the washing soda and borax (use gloves or a spoon as these can by drying if used directly on skin)
      Add essential oils and stir.
      Store in an air-tight container.
      Use 1-2 tablespoons per load.

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