What’s Right With You Today?

Normally I do this on Saturdays but it was a very busy weekend.

I had a very full, exhausting, bittersweet but wonderful weekend. I signed the rest of the papers to get my house listed, got to sleep in a bit this morning and wake up next to my favorite person, was introduced to a hilarious author and spent quite a bit of time laughing (or trying not to laugh out loud and quietly wheeze laughing) while reading the compilation book, have a new favorite photo of myself that was actually taken by another person (so rare I like a photo of me someone else took), received a gear VR that I hope to enjoy playing around with, showcased my RL tetris skills by assisting packing a storage locker and several suitcases successfully, made several people smile, and I’m going to treat myself to a long soak in the jetted tub when I get home tonight.

What’s right with YOU today?


2 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Sounds like a busy but rewarding weekend. Good to see your house is getting sorted and I had to laugh at the “tetris skills” coming in handy packing things. 🙂

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