That Wasn’t Justice

Usually I feel like MN is a state that celebrates diversity and embraces justice for all. The jury’s decision in the Philando Castile case is a step backwards and not befitting of the state I know. Every time fear and division are allowed to dictate actions, everyone loses. I wonder what influence the current govt had on the jury’s decision. I wonder how desensitized we’ve all become to vile and despicable behavior that complacency has encouraged to thrive. By perpetuating stereotypes, buying into racism, and allowing yourself to live in fear instead of love the mistakes of the past will continue to be made over and over again. We should be a planet united instead of a divided society squabbling amongst one another. Work together to advance as a species without destroying everything we touch. There’s so much capacity for good and amazing creativity inside us so long as we don’t drown it in fear. Fear doesn’t justify shitty actions and we need to stop letting it.


6 thoughts on “That Wasn’t Justice

  1. It’s so true that fear destroys our creativity and capacity to do good!!! So many events lately have suggested to me that the ability of people in this country to have compassion for “the other” is shrinking. And that concerns me because failing to respect, understand, and care about those who are different from us will not lead us to greater prosperity and peace… only to greater discord and fear.

  2. The sad part is it is happening all over the world, not just here. We are aware of it, so we all need to work on being even more compassionate and loving to others!

  3. Yeah, 7 shots to a person seems to be a little, as one would say, “over-kill.” I, too, was surprised by the verdict in this case. I understand the pressures put on our police force, I understand the horrors of racial discrimination. I see both sides. But seriously? Seven shots? Two other people in the car? I can’t wrap my mind around this one.

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