That Wasn’t Justice

Usually I feel like MN is a state that celebrates diversity and embraces justice for all. The jury’s decision in the Philando Castile case is a step backwards and not befitting of the state I know. Every time fear and division are allowed to dictate actions, everyone loses. I wonder what influence the current govt had on the jury’s decision. I wonder how desensitized we’ve all become to vile and despicable behavior that complacency has encouraged to thrive. By perpetuating stereotypes, buying into racism, and allowing yourself to live in fear instead of love the mistakes of the past will continue to be made over and over again. We should be a planet united instead of a divided society squabbling amongst one another. Work together to advance as a species without destroying everything we touch. There’s so much capacity for good and amazing creativity inside us so long as we don’t drown it in fear. Fear doesn’t justify shitty actions and we need to stop letting it.

What Do You Love Today?

Understanding coworkers when I’m dealing with a pinched nerve in my lower back, birthday lunch celebrations and bundt cake, understanding cousins who let me reschedule dinner plans on account of the pinched nerve, getting to say goodbye to a friend who’s moving back out of state, magnesium soaks in the tub, accomplishing a long-time personal goal even though I was physically compromised at the time, catching up with someone I miss dearly.

What do YOU love today?