The Struggle is Real

Getting real tired of opening social media, turning on the tv, or any other type of news gathering option, just to see that the POTUS has once again tweeted some bullshit immature spout off instead of acting in a manner befitting his office. I’m sick of seeing the arguments and reactions it causes. I’m sick of the embarrassment (at best) and horror (at worst) I feel in response to the actions of the government I had very little say in electing. Made the mistake of watching a Netflix documentary called “What The Health” and that made me so fucking sad. Combine that with the very real effects climate change is causing all around me and it’s making it way too easy to want to give in to apathy and depression.

It’s a constant battle every day. Trying to motivate myself to not give in to despair. To rally and find causes worth putting effort into. Clinging to hope in the face of cold logic. Reminding myself to appreciate the little moments of joy I am privileged to experience daily. It’s a struggle, and I’m sure I’m not alone in it. Thank goodness for support networks. Thank goodness for the people who love me and the people who let me love them. For asshole cats who hug back. For the power of music and the feel of a hand holding mine. For that first bite of something delicious made with care. For humor in the face of fear. For hot baths and good books to get lost in. Thank goodness for the little things that allow me to keep going despite the raging swell of negativity that surrounds me. Some days tho…it’s all I can do to get out of bed.


14 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. I’m afraid I just ignore it and try to do one good thing for every bad thing he does. It’s a one-person attempt to counter balance all the bad. It’s so insignificant, but makes me feel better. It is really all we can do. Don’t let it get to you. Very best wishes, karen xx

  2. I’m right there with you. I finally had to step away from the news and Twitter and anything vaguely political. I’m just now easing cautiously back into it. Life is in the little things, not the big stuff and not in the orange asshole’s tweets. Hang in there.

  3. Oh I hear you! You are not alone though – every country has it’s bad leaders.
    I don’t watch/read the news any more.
    It is the little things that make life worth it in the end anyway.
    Sending sunbeams your way! 🙂

  4. Thank you for this. I know I’m not alone but reading words that I could have typed myself helps me to connect. Otherwise, I think I would crawl into a hole of despair and maybe this time not find my way back. It is the little things that do matter.

    • Ahhh, you changed your profile pic, it’s a lovely picture! I always appreciate your posts as well, like you said, it helps to connect and makes things just a little bit easier somehow.

  5. I do understand how you must be feeling! As Scifihammy says, most countries have incompetent leaders or similar problems to face. My younger daughter was getting so anxious about the state of the world she stopped going on all her social media sites. This has helped her quite a lot but we, as a family, have to be careful what we talk about in front of her.
    I am sure that the situation will improve eventually. Great things are being done worldwide in the fight against plastic waste and many countries are getting a fair proportion of their energy from solar, wind, water and other alternative means. I am sure we will get gender equality and racial equality one day. Fair trade is on the way too. There is always hope and sometimes change for good comes from unexpected places. We had all become too complacent, I think. Perhaps this will stir us all into positive action.

    • I hope so, truly. I recycle, I’m careful about my food and shopping habits, I try to use as little resources as possible, I practice tikkun olam and don’t vote uninformed. Yet I feel like it’s such a little impact. Sometimes I wish there was an actual physical war I could fight in or something to feel like I was doing something to help things get better in a way that made a visible impact. Then I think about how destructive a war would be and feel like that’s not the answer either. I guess I’ll just keep on doing my part where I can and hope we see the tide turn before it’s too late to save things.

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