That House Tho

If anyone has wondered where I’ve been, my time has been mostly consumed with working on my new house. The previous owners clearly didn’t think anyone was ever going to remodel that place, as evidenced by how excessively secure they made every bit of flooring, every cabinet, every shelving unit, etc. They even hardwired all their appliances. My body reminds me daily that I’m getting too old for this shit and I’ve had to power through some major soreness, including a sprained elbow, to keep laying down hardwood flooring. Luckily I’ve had some help.

In addition to the house stress my brother was in a car accident, he got hit by a girl who blew through a stop sign going 50mph. Everyone is fine but the car was totaled. The car happened to be my mother’s and so she was out a vehicle. Dealing with insurance companies is a headache. They cut her a check but it doesn’t cover the full cost to actually replace the model of car with the features she had.

There have been several extended family/friends dramatic events. Not to mention the shit show that is the president and all the fights he starts. Climate change documents with warnings that too many people ignore. Getting misinformed about my move out date at the apartment and having to cancel truck reservations. Having weird things keep happening. Being told my dead ex husband ordered a disconnect of my internet service. Not being able to get bids back on projects/repairs to my house from SO MANY companies. You know, life stuff, it tends to keep me away from all this.


7 thoughts on “That House Tho

  1. It does sound like a massive undertaking to get your new house ship shape, but everything you fix will be done right now. Good luck with it all. πŸ™‚
    When my daughter moved into a house, they took up the linoleum floor to get down to the wood, only to find there was a Carpet under the lino! πŸ˜€
    I am very happy to hear your brother was not injured. Scary.
    And they Never pay you a proper replacement value for your car. Sucks.

    • So far I only found mold under the carpets and tile in places. It’s too bad there wasn’t hardwood floors underneath, just layers of subfloor. The moms ended up having to get a brand new vehicle, none of her year model were for sale, the company had put a stop sell on the 2018 model and all that was left was a 2019, so frustrating.

      • It’s amazing what people live with in their houses!
        And you never win when you have to replace your car through an insurance claim. Happened to us when our car was stolen.
        Main thing is no-one was seriously injured.

  2. We just finished some repairs to our house and I was so happy when they were finished and gone. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with blogging if you have strangers all over your house and decisions to be made constantly. I hope things improve!

  3. What a time you’ve had! I’m sorry about the accident and the problems your Mom had in getting a replacement car but pleased your brother wasn’t hurt. I hope the home improvements are going well and that you aren’t so tired.xx

    • Thanks, there have been plenty of surprises that have popped up with this house, I’ll get it sorted but for now it has been awfully stressful. Hoping once I can get internet established there (one of the issues) I can resume posting here.

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