Long Time Coming

“What is broken cannot be long ignored without consequences.”

Every single day we deal with the consequences of our collective actions. While many people have chosen paths of inclusive positive productivity to help make this world better for everyone on it, there are also people whose thoughts, words, and deeds stem from their fear, insecurity, and greed. The helpers and the hurters are often at complete odds with one another, and there are many people who flit between the two sides depending on the issue/event at the time. Individual context and ingrained ideology define each person’s perception of what group they see themselves in and that flexibility helps keep the very real issues facing the entire world from being resolved.

My context/beliefs regarding what makes someone a good person/helper is a person who leaves the people and places they encounter better than they found them. A person who judges people on their character, words, and actions but not on things such as skin color, gender preference/sexual orientation, and economic status.  A person who refuses to engage in the oppression of others based on things like skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status and will also fight against those that would encourage it. A person who thinks that the safety of people and the environment are more important than amassing vast amounts of wealth. A person who thinks power comes from being able to inspire others, not through intimidation and brute force.

Unfortunately my definition is not everyone’s definition. There are a lot of people I would classify as “hurters” who think they are just the best people ever, and that the ones fighting for things like social justice for all are the ones trying to destroy everything. People who think they need to keep someone else down in order to feel like they’re worth something have too long had the ability to shape laws and policies that affect everyone, and it needs to stop. Too many people suffer, and have suffered, unnecessarily just to keep a select few in positions of power.

Somehow, despite thousands of years of “society”, we still haven’t learned how to just be the human race.

The peaceful protests and angry riots that have spread across the country (and world) were inevitable. Too many BIPOC people have died, unnecessarily, by the hands of supposed officers of the peace. Those deaths are a consequence of the system that allows these actions to go unpunished. The damage caused during some of these events are also a consequence of the same system which creates/maintains conditions to keep a significant portion of society in a constant state of lack and fear. This system may be functioning as designed (to keep only certain people in power) but it is most definitely broken. These consequences come because not enough people have worked to resolve the root cause of the issues. These consequences cannot be resolved through military force (not for long, not permanently) or through apathy. We (helpers) need to take accountability and then do the work to start repairing the damage that allowing this system to remain broken for so long has caused.

There will be a lot of push back from those who currently benefit from the existing system. There will be deflections, false narratives, intimidation tactics, and assertions of dominance. They (hurters) do not want change to happen. They want to avoid the consequences. They are doing everything they can to ensure they can stay in power.

It is up to the rest of us to hold firm and refuse to back down on our demands of justice.

It is up to the rest of us to acknowledge the false narratives for what they are, to ignore the deflections and distractions aimed at diverting our attention.

It is up to the rest of us to see these events through clear eyes and learn/understand the historical context behind them.

It is up to the rest of us to use our written words, voices, and actions to support those who are unable to defend themselves against the tyranny of the broken system.

It is up to the rest of us to use any tools at our disposal to help enact the changes needed to stop the reign of oppression, hypocrisy, and injustice currently in existence.

If we don’t act now we may not be able to divert the direction we’re heading towards under the current administration and it will only get worse for everyone.

Hate may have won a lot of battles lately, but love can still win the war.