I have an opinion…about everything. It took almost 30 years but I learned how to shut my mouth. Shutting one’s mouth does not stop them from having opinions and if one can not verbally speak their opinions they still have to come out somewhere. When I can’t say it, I write it. I don’t know who I think will see it, or understand the bigger picture of why I find it important, but for some reason I am still compelled to put it out there somewhere. 

I also have an unending need to be creative, it is compulsive. This urge comes out in many ways and can not be suppressed for long. No matter if it is written, drawn or photographed it all has a message. The more my memory fails me the more I feel the need to create a record of my life. Perhaps other people can find amusement from my ironic adventures and ridiculous misfortunes. If not I can use this to look back and laugh at myself when I’m old and senile.

(All content in this blog is my own original work, unless specifically noted or obviously reblogged with sources cited)

100 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog, always appreciated:) Love what you’re doing with your blog, many of the things you write I can relate to massively!

  2. Great introduction! You’ve got an interesting mix of posts here which make for a good ‘wander around’.
    Thanks for having a rummage around my site and the feedback – much appreciated.

    • You get what you want when you learn to play the game.
      I’ve found that for me, as long as I can prove to someone (anyone) else that I know the truth I can bite my tounge when others are lying to my face, arguing their invalid point or dumping their own insecurities all over me. This blog serves that purpose when there is no one else to tell.

  3. I feel so fortunate to have discovered your beautiful blog. It seems to have come to me like a perfectly timed gift. I feel lighter, inspired-doing a little better because of it. Thank you.

  4. Creativity is a wonderful gift to have! Also, I applaud you for learning to express your opinions but control when you say them. That is a difficult skill to learn!

  5. So happy to have found your blog… I resonate deeply with your insight about needing to express creatively what is sometimes difficult to express verbally. (I love it when the moment and the camera is focused in just the right space of time to tell a jewel of a great story without words!)

    • Exactly! I’m excited for my three week photography road trip this September, MN to NY then down the east coast all the way to key west and back. I’m hoping to find many great moments to capture. If you know of any great areas to shoot at along the coast I’d love some suggestions.

      • Oh yes! I do have some suggestions….I’ll gather some links for you. 🙂 I think I’ve included a few of my favorites on my About page. If you like capturing exotic birds, they are plentiful in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, in Delray Beach, Florida (East Coast), and also the Green Cay Wetlands is an amazing place to capture wildlife. And, there’s the Everglades (I’ve not yet ventured out there, but plan to go there soon). And, you’re going to find plenty to shoot in Key West and the surrounding keys – which are many in number and just as rich.

      • Awesome, I have gone to Key West before and managed to get an ok shot on the edge of the everglades before, but most of my time in Florida was spent relaxing without my camera and this will be the first time I’m going down there with the intent to get some amazing shots. I love the east coast of FL much better than the gulf side, tho the sunsets are much more spectacular on the west side, but we mostly stick to southern florida so I’d love to see other beaches.

  6. Thank you for liking HORSE LATITUDES! I appreciate it. I agree with you here
    “. . . I also have an unending need to be creative, it is compulsive. ”
    Yes, it its. Thank God. What better way to while away one’s oh, so limited time here?

  7. Great “about” page! Very compelling. I, like you, have to create and know that cannot be suppressed so I can definitely relate. I still need to work on my “about” page though:) Also, thank you for continuing to view my blog!

  8. Opinions thoughts words images matter. Expressing yourself matters and I’m pleased you are doing so here. Nice to meet you & thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated ☺ peace & light, jules

  9. Just discovered your blog and am already enjoying so much of what I have seen. Looking forward to going back over your archives, coffee in hand. Cheers from Western Australia! 🙂

  10. Love your intro. Can completely relate about being opinionated in everything! Me too! But I’ve only just started to channel that into writing and I’ve already discovered I am less prone to verbal diarrhea! I look forward to going back through your archives 🙂

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