The Perks of Persuasion Daily Debate 6.5.14


Ever notice that you can tell someone something and they ignore you, but then someone else tells them the same thing and they fawn all over them in gratitude as if the words spoken were so profound and undeniable as to be considered a gift?

Ever post a valid, well-crafted, article and no one likes or comments, yet a similar topic is posted by someone else, or fresh pressed, and there are hundreds of people lining up to chime in on it?

Ever host a party, one you spent time organizing so that there would be amazing food/drinks, entertainment and numerous pleasant options for your guests, and then only a handful of people show up, yet some dick down the street pulls their grill out with a bucket of cheap beer and suddenly the whole block is full of people laughing and joking?

You find yourself thinking, “I’m good enough…

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Who Decides the Trends? Daily Debate 6.4.14


It seems like every week or so there is a new trend, be it a way to exercise, some fancy new phone and of course the fashion trends are never-ending. What I want to know is who decides what is considered “trendy” in an age where everyone has an opinion?

As I wandered Grand Ave in St. Paul over the weekend, surrounded by thousands of people (many drunk) checking out the vendors, I noticed several trends which made no sense to me. Even the husband remarked about one in particular which happened to be a fashion trend.

Over the course of 12,000 steps we saw no less than 100 women wearing short shorts and almost knee-high rubber boots of all colors and patterns. These rubber boots looked very similar to the $6 pair of rain boots I own, except these were not being worn over other shoes to protect them from mud…

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Apologizing for Opinions… Daily Debate 6.3.14


Every week it seems like I hear about another celebrity or public figure apologizing for some comment they made about something, a comment that was just them expressing their opinion about a situation or person. I always wonder why they need to apologize for having an opinion.

Now, if they legitimately do something wrong, yes apologize. However, why are people expected to suddenly have no opinions as soon as they become a public figure? If I voiced my opinion about something no one would ask me to apologize, probably because most people don’t care what my opinion is, so why do we place such importance on the opinions of celebrities?

I especially fail to grasp why celebrities are expected to apologize for opinions they share privately. Who would want to be a public figure if they can’t even tell their friends a joke, vent about something that bothered them or share…

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Safe or Afraid? Daily Debate 6.2.14


All of our emotions can be traced to two base feelings, security and fear. Every vast array of emotions we experience either trigger our sense of safety and security or they trigger our fear and make us afraid of something.

We like to think we are so complex, we have created so many different words to describe how we feel. We dedicate entire fields of study to decipher our range of emotions and pride ourselves on having evolved past primal impulses. Except, when it comes down to it, we are still motivated by the two most primal impulses that exist…security(survival) and fear(death) so in all this time, what have we really learned about ourselves?

Why do we feel the need to over-complicate our feelings? It has led to numerous unnecessary problems, possibly several wars, countless deaths, and continued poor communication. Failing to acknowledge what is triggering our feelings only complicates…

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Solar Roadways Daily Debate 5.28.14


There has been a video circulating about the social medias. It describes and outlines the benefits of transitioning standard roads and parking lots into solar roads and parking lots. It’s pretty neat. The company behind them makes a pretty strong argument for why we should adopt the technology. Take a moment, watch the video or glance at the website.

I have to say, I am all for embracing the concept. I think replacing our pot hole filled asphalt and concrete road system with energy generating solar panels makes sense. Easier to maintain, beneficial to the people and planet and the only reason I suspect it won’t be accepted is because big oil will see it as a threat to their profit margin.

Much like many “green” technologies that get bought out or buried by industry titans who don’t want to change gears, this project is at risk of getting shoved…

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Will We Ever Evolve Past War? Daily Debate 5.26.14


Ever since the beginning of humanity, we have fought with one another. Disputes over land, disputes over goods, disputes over religion, people and animals. We are constantly disagreeing with each other and it never seems to stop. As we have evolved as a species, so has the way we dispute. We created the concept of war to take a dispute and turn it into a profitable killing machine. We evolved the way we battle so that the next major war may not even involve people on the ground fighting, but could be all machines, drones and computers hacking away our arbitrary assets. We have spent far too much time devising strategies to “take out” our opponents and forced millions to die for the desires of a few.

When will we stop using force to make others fall in line? How many people have to die, get injured or suffer deep…

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Conflicting Conflict Resolution Daily Debate 5.23.14


“You don’t have my permission to be in conflict with me.” Don’t you wish that simple phrase could defuse all the conflict in your life?

Unfortunately, there are numerous types of conflict you could encounter in a single day. How much control do you really have over the conflicting situations you’re in? How do you learn how to pick your battles, so to speak, and find a way to resolve the issue you’re having with someone else?

You can find countless book, articles and people who would be happy to tell you just how to resolve all the conflict you experience. Except, there are so many opinions that it can be overwhelming. Some say to remove yourself from the situation, to refuse to participate in arguments or just be submissive to the other party. Others say to take a strong stance and use logic to debate your way to victory. There…

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