What Do You Love Today?

Sleeping in, having cheese/nuts/fruit for breakfast and dinner, upcoming Halloween activities, new relationships with numerous compatibilities, practicing patience, finding old photo albums I thought were lost in the fire, cat snuggling, and being one step closer to finally closing a chapter in my life.

What do YOU love today?

What Do You Love Today?

The feeling of freedom you get when you can finally close a chapter you thought might never end, the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that washes over you when someone does something so nice for you it makes you want to cry, no longer being afraid to pick up my “real” camera after years of avoiding it, getting the green light to be able to start something new and all the anticipation that goes along with that, vindication, walks & talks, upcoming weekends, and excelling in my latest lesson in patience.

What Do YOU love today?

What’s Right With You Today?

Sleeping in, quiet time reading on the porch, offers, the weight of a loving cat on my lap, the sharp bite of aged cheddar lighting up my taste buds, getting my errands accomplished successfully, and no outright cat fights between my beloved furry jerks and the hissy guests in the basement.

What’s right with YOU today?