What’s Right With You Today?

Walked ten miles, wasn’t overly sore from the ten miles of walking and 2 miles of running from the previous day, saw people try to climb a greased pole at the Italian festival, ate some pretty tasty tiramisu from one of the oldest bakeries in South Philly, enjoyed a relaxing evening.

What’s right with YOU today?

Airport Bathrooms

Why am I posting a picture of a tile mural from the entrance to a women’s bathroom in the MSP airport? ¬†Because it’s become symbolic to me. I blame my awesome boss for that, by the way, he pointed out how nice the bathrooms are there in a meeting and now I can’t help but notice, appreciate, and compare all other airport bathrooms to them. I get that they’re just a bathroom in an airport but think about it. You’re traveling, which can be stressful. Plane bathrooms are tiny and gross. These are large and clean, bright and well designed. There are hooks and shelves, well lit mirrors, an area to tuck a stroller in… plus those murals. The whole airport is nice actually. Wide seats, free charging stations everywhere, a good variety of stores and food and it all makes traveling easier and more enjoyable. My hometown airport has set the standard by which I judge all other airports. It helps me appreciate coming home. It reminds me that my motto “do better always” needs to apply to everything, not just the big things. It needs to apply to the small, usually overlooked, things too…like bathrooms. Because those small things are often the unifying factors of humanity. When you do that people notice and they appreciate it and hopefully it inspires them and they can go off and inspire others.

What Do You Love Today?

Being clever, being told I’ll be missed when I’m only going to be away a couple of days, resuming weekly dinners, excitement over my upcoming weekend in Philly, the way my cat likes to lay on the edges of chairs like she’s on a tree branch, thunderstorms, honey butter chips, and the smell of lilacs.

What do YOU love today?