Why Is This Still a Debate?

As I read about and hear about the onslaught of laws they are passing (or at least trying to pass) that restrict a woman’s body autonomy it makes me wonder just what it is that has men so afraid of women they have to pass legislation to try to and control them.

These men, who are clearly terrified of women having the same level of freedoms they have, spout nonsense about how they are simply following the will of the people. They argue about the sanctity of life and how someone has to stand up for the rights of the unborn. They claim women are wantonly aborting babies up till the time of birth, that it’s murder and done with no remorse. Yet, they refuse to take any sort of accountability for their part in creating the life that takes hold inside a woman’s body. They don’t care about the nature of how that egg got fertilized. They’ve never had to face making that choice themselves, and the small number of women who go along with the laws that attack a woman’s right to choose have perhaps never had to face that either, or they must not enjoy having the ability to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies, some people do enjoy being subservient after all.

Because what is the difference between forcing a woman to use her uterus against her will to save a life and demanding that every single person donates blood, or their organs when they die, because it could be used to save lives? Where do you draw the line? Even if they created synthetic wombs to put all those embryos in that they don’t want aborted, why should a woman be forced to have their offspring, their genetic material, out and about in the world? These laws selectively limit only women’s body autonomy and only in regards to reproductive health.

Logic argues that since the people drafting, voting for, and passing these laws are not willing to have men take responsibility for the eggs they fertilize, provide no support for the babies once out of the womb, and do not address the already existing children all over that are being abused, killed, starved, etc than their motivation is not driven by a moral imperative to protect innocent lives. If their motive isn’t what they claim it is, I would argue that it’s simply coming from a place of fear. Fear that if women can make their own decisions they will decide things that men don’t like. Well, it’s only those who are insecure that feel the need to control others and impose their will upon them.

Quite frankly I think it’s high time that women are allowed to run things, look at the utter mess men have made of this world, chasing after control over the natural order of things, as if nature ever could be controlled by the likes of us. Power, status, money…it’s all just a form of control and in their pursuit of it our planet, and the living organisms on it, have been decimated.

Unsilent Sunday

Don’t talk about politics people say, it’s not polite they say, it makes people uncomfortable they say. Well too bad. Life is uncomfortable. People have different opinions and that isn’t going to go away just because you stick your fingers in your ears and scream “la, la, la” at anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

I don’t want to start a whole presidential debate but I do want to formally state my concerns regarding a particular candidate in this year’s election. The more coverage I watch, the more personal accounts I read, the more apprehensive I become that people are willing to support donald trump. I’ve never cared one way or the other about that man, having no need to think about him much. As his campaign has progressed, however, I find myself having to pay attention. His ability to rally and rile crowds to the cause of hatred is a dangerous thing. While the media tries to tie him to Clinton I’m comparing him to Hitler. Even if this is all some elaborate plan to get another candidate elected the result is that far too many Americans are showing their proclivity towards savagery. How insecure they must feel to rally behind trump.

I thought that my circle of friends and family were smart enough and kind enough to see right through trump but I found out that several of them aren’t. I don’t even know how to handle this. I’ve never considered cutting ties with anyone over political preferences before but I honestly feel that someone who is defending trump to me is equivalent to looking me (or any Jew) in the eyes and saying “Hitler has some good points, I believe in Hitler to fix all our problems” and expecting me to be ok with that. I’m so not ok with that. They can support any other candidate but trump is a harbinger of anti-goodwill and standing behind him is supporting the idea of a divided and destructive America. What is the allure of the darkside? Why would anyone want to be a part of that?

I know America is broken and I know the government is broken but trump isn’t the answer. If people are tired of how shitty things are they need to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Bond with your community, join the local government, actually watch a little CSPAN and find out what the jerks in Washington are doing with their time. Plant some gardens, reinvest in new technology (Graphene is AWESOME!), read a book, support local artists and businesses and in general get out and interact with people so you can make new connections and maybe even friends. If we all tried a little harder we could fix things. If we put our faith in arrogant, greedy, rich white men the world will continue to crumble. Trump isn’t the answer, division isn’t the answer, hate isn’t the answer. I can’t ignore trump any longer and I can’t stay silent because if the course he and his supporters are on isn’t blocked soon I might wake up in a concentration camp someday.

Treason or Trifling?

If you haven’t heard or read about the little stunt pulled by 47 GOP senators take a moment to read an article, or two, on the matter.

Now, let’s discuss dysfunctional government shall we…

When this story first broke I was only mildly surprised by the news. While I claim no official allegiance to any political party I have come to have zero respect for the republican members currently holding office due to their repeated attempts to disrupt government productivity. Any time anyone tries to accomplish something that doesn’t fit with their specific views or agendas they throw down, kicking and screaming, like a tired 2 year old having a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. When the hell did it become acceptable to behave in such a manner?

This particular power play should be the straw that breaks the American voter’s back. Yet, I continue to see people rationalizing and defending the GOP’s actions like a beaten down woman who stays in an abusive relationship and makes up excuses to her friends about how “great” the guy is really, blah blah blah. I left a comment on a FB friend’s link to an article about the letter stating I thought it seemed a bit treasonous. Almost immediately someone else chimed in informing me how wrong I was and how inappropriate it was for me to accuse them of such a terrible thing. Told me I was uneducated if I thought they were breaking any laws and then bashed the president and implied he was getting what he deserved. I generally avoid getting sucked into pointless FB debates with people unwilling to listen to the points of the other side but it got me thinking about how many people feel exactly like this woman does.

I don’t particularly like my boss(es) and most of the time I think they do a terrible job of running things. However, that has never stopped me from doing my job, being a team player, accepting the decisions passed down to me, implementing said decisions and treating the other people on my team with respect. If I am being paid to do something, I am going to do it whether I agree with it or not. If what they ask me goes against my morals I need to make the choice to compromise those morals for money or to leave and find employment somewhere in an environment more suited to my preferences. Why is it so difficult for the people who make up our government to do the same? If they aren’t willing to work together and compromise to keep things moving along why are we still paying them?

Creating dysfunction and chaos inside the government itself is a way to aid our enemies because united we stand but divided we are a much easier target to make fall. By that logic I could argue that much of what numerous government employees have done over the past 7 years could be considered treasonous behavior, yet the American public stands by and lets this dissension amongst the ranks go unchecked.

What do you think, is this latest event another example of treasonous behavior or just another trifling action by the people we pay to lead our country?

Unhappily Ever After

Relationships can be fickle things, the product of fickle people with uneducated and unrealistic ideas trying to merge their understanding of life with another person’s.

By the time you’re in your 20s you’ve probably learned to keep your guard up in pretty much every relationship you’re in, platonic or romantic. Knowing that every single relationship takes continual effort doesn’t ensure that the effort will be returned, or that the one day you’re just too tired or too overwhelmed to put forth that effort won’t be the day the other person is also too tired or too overwhelmed to be patient and understanding of your momentary showing of your humanity and flaws. It could stir up their own insecurities and in a split second words that can never be taken back escape from lips that don’t even understand why they’re saying them.

Decades long friendships have ended over simple misunderstandings. Marriages ruined over momentary slips in judgement made during weak moments filled with hurt feelings and (mis)notions of being unappreciated. Even professional relationships are terminated because the effort seems too great to expend anymore.

Every single person I know has watched in quiet (or loud indignity) as one of their relationships has burned up in flames. Many times they had no idea why things were suddenly over. Lack of communication, the bane of all relationships. With each ruined relationship the questioning of all your others becomes greater. Mistrust grows. The ability to ever feel safe in any relationship dwindles.

The whole idea of happily ever after is a complete myth. Books, television and movies lead the masses on a fool’s errand, searching for perfect family dynamics, friends forever and a Prince or Princess charming to sweep them off their feet. No one likes to talk about our ineptitude, our learning curves and our aptitude for self-destructive behavior. Psychology should be a mandatory class starting in 4th grade and being a continual requirement until graduation at least. Educate the population on their own motivations so they can learn to identify the basis for their actions and hopefully over time do better in general.

Happily ever after may be a myth but I’d hate to live in a world that only offers unhappily ever after.

Legalizing Marijuana Daily Debate 5.16.14


MN is set to have their governor sign a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Some people are happy about that, some are pissed off and others think the bill is a joke and doesn’t really help the majority of people that they think would benefit from being allowed to legally use marijuana to treat their illness or pain. It is the most restrictive medical marijuana bill in existence currently and only covers a handful of medical issues, mostly incurable.

Now I personally don’t believe in using marijuana on a daily basis just for funsies, you know, where you get to the point that your day will be ruined and you turn into a cranky asshat if you are deprived of smoking your bowl every couple of hours.  Then again, I’m not for addiction in general. However, I see nothing wrong with using it in lieu of pain killers, smoking a bowl instead…

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If Something is Inevitable, Should You Try & Fight It? Daily Debate 5.13.14


If you haven’t heard by now, the polar ice caps will melt within the next 100 years and supposedly there is nothing we can do about it. Except…I don’t believe that. I do believe that they will and are melting at an unnatural rate, but I find it hard to believe that there is absolutely nothing left that we can do to make a difference towards the global-wide effects that will result from that much ice being added to our oceans.

If we stopped putting carbon in the air from all the fossil fuels and started using hydrogen technology are you telling me it wouldn’t make a difference? If we found a way to use HAARP to amp up the ionosphere instead of focusing on how to communicate better, would that have no effect? If we stopped focusing on profit and put forth the effort to sustain the planet we live…

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It’s Here!

My spin-off blog, that has a focus on open discussion, debate and advice (helpful hints) for navigating through this crazy world we live in, is officially live! Please take a moment over the next week/month to check it out and I would absolutely love to hear your opinions.