Blast From the Past

Got to go see the movie “Labyrinth” in a local microcinema on Sunday evening, it was a childhood favorite of mine and it didn’t disappoint. It also wrapped up the four run of movies staring David Bowie over the month of December and I couldn’t think of a better one to end on than the story of a generous and clever leader of misfits who grants the wish of a spoiled young brat then forces her to become a better person when she acts ungrateful for the favor. Pretty sure it was also a metaphor for drug use but that was probably most 80s movies.

Labyrinth – Magic Dance – David Bowie:

Nostalgia, The Double Edged Sword

Nostalgia is roughly a painful return to home. Home being where you came from, painfully returning to it because it is in the past. We remember pleasant memories but it is bittersweet because it is a memory of happiness that we can no longer access with our physical being. Memories fade over time, the longer it has been since that past happy time, the farther away it seems. The longer it has been, the more nostalgic you become about the event.

Lately I have been reminiscing about people and places from my history. A random song brings back countless car rides and mini-adventures experienced. Late night kitchen dates and video games, impromptu concerts and movie marathons. An entire life lived in a few short years, people I may never see again who were once so important. Do happy people also think back to happy memories or is it only those who feel they are missing something that search through their past for clues to what they currently lack?

Nostalgia is proof that there were times you want to look back on, times that are really worth remembering, but also a reminder of what can never be duplicated. If I could re-live past moments I think I would, in a heartbeat, if only to refresh the memories that time continues to slowly rob me of.