Throwback Thursday (Selective Perspective)


I’m So Busy My Head is Spinning

Spring is here and with it comes no rest for the weary. Currently I have been spending all of my free time planning things, with a sprinkling of actual accomplishments thrown in for good measure. My “to do” lists accrue as fast as they are completed. It’s almost overwhelming.

May so far has seen the whole cat health scare, a successful Mother’s Day brunch for three mommas, a completely cleaned house, a semi-organized garage, a trip to Philly planned and booked for the end of the month, two new recipes created and the biggest time consumer of them all is the garden progress.


We built a rather long raised bed and evened out part of our improperly graded yard. As soon as we have our 9 cyrds of organic soil delivered we will fill it and transplant the seedlings we have growing all over inside our house.

In addition to the long box which will house peas, eggplant, broccoli, asparagus and all sorts of random herbs we also have


the soon to be tomato and pepper gardens surrounded by what I hope will become a wildflower border. The pool liner filled with dirt already debuted last year and the tomato plants that grew in it were monstrous things that produced tomatoes well into October. I am hoping for similar results this year now that I’ve added about a dozen large worms to it.

On the other side of the house we still have to build one more raised bed to plant the raspberry and blueberry bushes in. Eventually we will be able to produce almost everything we want to eat during the summer and I get to become even more acquainted with the art of canning.

I just wish we didn’t have to buy clean dirt to fill these planters with. We pulled up so much broken glass and burnt pieces of house though just digging the pool liner holes that there is no way anyone would ever be able to convince me to grow edible things in my yard.

Now to get back to work I suppose. I am currently waiting (day 3) on my IT department to fix the issues that have come up with the new laptop they just gave me to replace my old laptop that they didn’t want to fix the very easy issue of low memory on. Sitting in an office when you can’t really perform any of your essential functions is extremely boring.