Throwback Thursday


Going It Alone

I wonder how many children grow up in households that should feel like complete families but in reality one of the parents chooses to spend the majority of their time elsewhere? I wonder how much it hurts to know that even though you’re married your spouse doesn’t want to spend any time with you or your kids? I’m not talking about bitter arguments and desires to be with other people coming between the parents, I’m talking about plain old disinterest by one person towards the other, the silent rejection of love that denies the other who is left alone, bewildered that not only they, but the children, are not considered important to the other person. What kind of effect does this have on the kids? Does it teach them that relationships are one-sided or does it train them to harbor resentment towards their absentee parent? Staying together “for the sake of the kids” doesn’t really seem like the healthiest option to me. If you have a broken relationship, don’t force your children to be a part of it.