Spent Sunday night at the Motion City Soundtrack show with my brother so I missed The Walking Dead. Monday morning at work I was going to watch it after finishing my daily reports, but my phone committed firmware suicide as I was going to open up my comcast app. I didn’t realize what the universe was trying to shield me from until I sat down Monday evening to watch the episode I missed.

WTF just happened to Glenn?!!! You don’t do that to Glenn, I mean come on, it’s fucking Glenn. 

WTF Friday

Remember when I was disturbed about the deviant behavior of arctic seals a couple weeks ago? Well now I know where those seals learned it from. In fact my further research has discovered that lots of animals are jerks. Creepy, violent, sex obsessed jerks.

Much like how sexually abused humans will often become sexual abusers themselves so it seems do seals. Apparently otters will catch, rape and often kill baby seals. Penguins, while occasionally finding themselves the victim of seal rape attacks, will themselves rape at will just about anything. Dolphins aren’t any better. They have even tried raping humans. The animal world is probably full of more rape and necrophilia than the human world.

Does this mean that rape and violence are an inescapable aspect of life? Is there really no way to eradicate it from society? Should we stop being so horrified by it and simply accept it as a normal occurrence? I will reiterate that I don’t advocate rape, or violence, really not a fan and don’t think it should be encouraged at all. However, either animals have as equally complex emotional ranges as humans do, or violence and rape are ingrained natural behaviors that exist on a basic level as part of the survival gene in life forms that have brains.

This should really be studied more. How can we hope to truly understand what motivates humans towards violence and rape if we don’t know the indisputable motivating factors. It’s a whole lot harder to recondition nature than nurture behaviors and if we are approaching it the wrong way we will never make enough headway to create meaningful positive changes in destructive behavior.